Behind the scenes at Devology: Rob Wilson

As you scroll through websites and social media pages have you ever wondered….who are the people that dream up how websites work and create new tools to make our lives easier?  We’re going to give you a little peek behind the scenes at Devology and meet one of those special people. You will see how childhood interests helped create a software developer.

Early entrepreneur

Rob picture

Rob Wilson is the co-founder of Devology with his partner cousin Michael Glazebrook.  Rob started creating products at a very early age.  When he was 14 he started publishing his own magazine the MSX gazette.  The magazine began as a handwritten document.  After the first few issues Rob’s sister, who had great penmanship took over the task of writing. Rob’s friend Chris Dewar had a Mac and then they moved into desktop publishing.  This early entrepreneur was selling his magazine in Saudi Arabia and Spain.

From publishing to needlework apps

Rob’s friend Chris was working at a computer store and a customer asked if they sold programs for cross stitch designs.  They weren’t available but Chris referred the interested consumers to Rob who then had to learn GFA Basic language and created the software on his Atari ST.

stitch pics

The company then wanted a version for a PC which required Rob to learn the Delphi computer language and Rob created that as well.  The company is still using the product.

Gaming centre

Rob and Michael teamed up to create a gaming center Net Play where people could play computer games.

NetPlay Gaming Centre

They began with 25 computers and kept increasing the numbers to 100.  The center was very popular for four years until the home gaming systems became popular and the interest of going to a center dropped off.

Where they are now

The drive to use computer technology in unique ways continues. Rob and Michael now work to bring products that simplify work for their customers through their company Devology.

Company Logosocial scheduler

The duo launched Social Scheduler in 2014 and has attracted a lot of interest.  They consult for various businesses and are always looking for better ways to do things.   Rob says, “We like listening to our customers.  We have a widget on our website powered by UserVoice which enables them to very quickly type a message to us and it arrives in a ticket system. We then follow up and reply, we add it to the roadmap. We are very keen to listen.”

I asked Rob why he is a software developer.  He said, “It’s just addictive…you can write a bit of program to do anything you like. Whether you want it to be a 3D game, a business app, but more often than not it’s to solve somebody’s problem.  And the part I love is when somebody says it used to take me 2 hours for example and now it’s like 20 seconds.”

Learn more about Devology and their products at their website.

Mary Lu Saylor

Mary Lu Saylor is an Emmy-award winning journalist who spent 30 years in the television news business. Her experience includes work as a videographer, newscast video editor, and ultimately as the Assignment Manager at WSPA-TV in Spartanburg, SC.   She now works as a Social Media Specialist with the U.S. based company Mary Lu is partnering with theDevology team to show how our products make the world of Social Media more efficient.