How to create your own Podcast!

Podcasting, it’s a great form of content marketing that puts you into your listeners home, car, office, or wherever they decide to listen to you. A podcast is like listening to a radio station, except you can pick exactly what you listen to. You can use a podcast to share information, tell stories, jokes, sing, sell products or anything else thats limited only by your imagination. In this blog we outline everything that you need to start podcasting today!

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Getting Started with Social Media Marketing Automation

One of the most time consuming aspects of social media marketing is planning posts.  As a social media manager I’ve spent hours creating great content and then had to wait to post to the platform of my choice live.  I tried a few apps to schedule posts and frankly found most of them so busy with windows of sliding content that made me feel like I was on a roller coaster.

Then came my friends from Devology with Social Scheduler to the rescue!!!!  Read how they found me and made me a believer in their creation.  The beauty of Social Scheduler is that it is simple.  Don’t we all want simple? Their product is easy to set up.

Getting started with Social Scheduler: 

Go to the Social Scheduler sign up page and register.

SS registration

Create an account.  Fill in your name, email address, and check the Terms of Service box. And click create account.  (I love the cute little guy in the logo!)

EDITOR: That’s a shame, because we now have a new Mascot, a cute dog, and you’ll now see him instead.

create an account


Scoail Scheduler Mascot
The new Social Scheduler Mascot (October 2015)

Immediately you receive a notification that you need to check your email inbox that confirms you are registered in Social Scheduler.



Now it’s time to fill out all the official paperwork.  Important to remember:  everyone receives a free 30 day trial of their Basic level product but you do need to enter your credit card information. The Pro account allows a 60 day free trial.  After your free trial is up you will be charged appropriately.

EDITOR: We now have a FREE plan, enabling you schedule messages to two social accounts (e.g Facebook and Twitter) up to one month in advance.  If you need more accounts, or you need to schedule three months or twelve months in advance, then you can use the Basic and Pro plans respectively.


Now that we have all the details taken care of, let’s get started with programming your social media accounts.  It really couldn’t be any easier.

You want to integrate your social media accounts.  Click on the blue plus (+) sign.

setting up accounts

You will see this box with social media platforms pop up.

Sm page

Click on the social media platform you want to import first.   For this example we will use Facebook.  Immediately you will get a notification that it is working.

FB notification

You will need to login to your account and Social Scheduler will import any accounts where you are the administrator (this includes Facebook and LinkedIn groups!)  Right now the awesome developers at Devology (Rob and Michael) are still testing out Instagram to create the best scheduling experience for their customers.  I promise, it will be worth the wait.

Once your platform comes up you will need to do two things.  First, check the boxes on the accounts that you will want to use to program messages.  Second, if you give the pages a Group Name then this will separate your accounts for ease in programming.   I’ve separated mine into Personal, FindGreatCompanies, and names of Clients.

check mark

Click finish and all of the accounts will be imported and will be displayed on the left side of your Social Scheduler main page.

desk top screen

Programming is very easy.

Pick your social media platform to post.  The image below is for my personal Twitter page.


Step 1: select the proper account.

Step 2: Craft your message. (Don’t forget links and hashtags!)

Step 3: Add a picture or social media graphic. (Did you know adding pictures to Tweets makes you more likely to have a click through to your website?)

Step 4: Set when you want your post to appear.  Using the calendar function you can schedule your post for any date and time.  You can post immediately by using the send now function.  Or if you’d like to repeat your message read up on that from our previous blog.

Step 5: Don’t forget to SAVE!   Saving your settings completes the process.

We hope this helped you get started with scheduling your posts.  If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment box below.  We would love to hear from you!

Mary Lu Saylor

Mary Lu Saylor is an Emmy-award winning journalist who spent 30 years in the television news business. Her experience includes work as a videographer, newscast video editor, and ultimately as the Assignment Manager at WSPA-TV in Spartanburg, SC.  She now works as a Social Media Specialist with the U.S. based companies and Mary Lu is partnering with the Devology team to show how our products make the world of Social Media more efficient.