Better social SEO (with a different copy per account)


Different copy per account

Any social media expert will advise you to post different content on each of your social-media accounts, we couldn’t agree more (let’s call this good social-media SEO!).

In the past, if you wanted different text per social account, you would create a separate message in your editorial calendar, for each social account, or cheat, by using the lowest-common-denominator, i.e. by using the shortest text that worked across all platforms (i.e. Twitter 140 characters) – which meant you couldn’t easily convey the full message you wanted and worse your Twitter tags looked out of place on LinkedIn and URLs didn’t work in Instagram.

But now, there’s a much better way, within Social Scheduler you can now schedule a different version of your message ‘copy’ without creating a separate post! This is a MASSIVE time saver and it simplifies your editorial calendar (less entries).

Here’s what you would see if you tried to post a very long message to all of your social networks at the same time, obviously we would rather not try to shorten the message to 140 characters to appease Twitter, only to alienate our followers on our other social networks.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 00.54.29.png

Step 1 – Click the quote-bubble to add custom text

Now, at the side of the account panel, you’ll see a little quote-bubble, click on that for each account that you would like to create a custom message for.

Step 2 – Type the custom text

Then the text-area will enable you to swap between the different message copy for each account that you specified.

If you didn’t specify a custom copy for all of your accounts, then the broadcast icon indicates the default copy to use on those accounts.

Step 3 – witness a cleaner editorial calendar!

Only one message will appear in your calendar.

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Social Scheduler – Quickly context switch with your ‘Favourite Selections’!

A couple of days ago, I blogged about the new feature of auto-saving and loading your selected accounts, so that when you re-load Social Scheduler you can carry on from where you left off.

The next time that you find yourself carefully re-selecting accounts that match the message that you’re sending, it’s worth saving the selections for using later.  For example, if I’ve just created a new podcast episode, I tend to send the information to four accounts, whereas if I want to share some social media news, I tend to send the information to just two accounts.

With your new ‘favourite selections’ button, it enables you to save your selections with a name.  Thereafter you can quickly context switch between ‘Podcasting’, ‘Blogging’, ‘Social Media News’ and so on.

If you click on the blue ‘favourite’ / bookmark icon, you will see a popup menu with the option “Save / Delete Favourites…”

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 02.01.47



When you choose the “Save / Delete Favourites”, you’ll be presented with this screen, simply type a name for all your current selections, then click ‘Save’.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 00.28.00

Once you have created multiple favourites, you might feel the need to delete some old ones, they’ll be listed on the right-hand side and you simply click the ‘Delete’ button that’s next to the item you wish to delete.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 01.49.21

Finally, the best bit, you can now quickly context switch between accounts by bringing up the menu and choosing your favourite selection(s), very rapidly!

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 01.48.55

All of the account selections that you previously saved will be re-selected and the group will be expanded too.

We hope that this feature shaves even more time off scheduling your social media messages.  Please let us know what you think.

This feature is available on Free, Basic and Pro plans.

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Social Scheduler – Account Improvements

Do you have a lot of social media accounts? Social Scheduler has now had a minor update that makes a big improvement in how accounts are managed.

We received the initial feature request from Tracey Bartlett (at Business Helpers) to not have all the accounts pre-selected, we listened and then refined the request to include the following:

  • Accounts are not pre-selected when you first start using Social Scheduler
  • When you swap groups the account selections are not affected
  • When you next login all your selections are restored and the last group that you were working in is opened
  • Simple ‘select all’ and ‘clear all’ buttons to make bulk-selection easier
  • Favourite selections – coming soon…

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