Episode 29 The week the podcast almost died

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Social Scheduler

Social Scheduler now supports push notifications (iOS implemented, Android to follow) so that you know when your scheduled Instagram messages need to be posted. https://www.socialscheduler.co.uk

Social Media News


Now only news that affects you day-to-day



Facebook won’t influence how people vote

In a post from CNET Facebook have said that they wouldn’t use its algorithms to influence voting in the US presidential election this November. Facebook are quoted as saying ”We as a company are neutral,” … “We have not and will not use our products in a way that attempts to influence how people vote.”

This was triggered after someone posted the question “ “What responsibility does Facebook have to help prevent President Trump in 2017?”


Facebook demonstrate auto-tagging friends in Videos at F8, image this, you can skip forward to frames in the video where that person appears!



Instagram introduce video channels in ‘Explore’

“Today [that is April 14th], we’ve started rolling out a new look for Explore featuring video channels.

As people share more videos than ever before, we’re making it easier to discover the ones you’ll love. To begin, you’ll find a personalized channel called “Videos You Might Like” that collects videos from across Instagram’s global community into a seamless viewing experience. And as you scroll through the Explore grid, you may also see “Featured” channels filled with videos on specific topics.”

“Even with these changes, Explore still works the same way: It connects you to posts about your interests from people you don’t yet follow. The more you like, the better Explore gets, adjusting to your preferences and showing you more of the stuff you enjoy. And if you see something you don’t like, tap “See Fewer Posts Like This” in the ‘…’ menu to make your Explore experience even better.

To start, these updates to Explore will only be available in the United States. We’re working to bring this to the rest of the world soon.

Instagram version 7.20 is available today in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.”



Facebook and VR

If you are interested in Virtual Reality, then in the show notes we have a link to an article from Engadget that covers the F8 conference and Facebooks plans for VR, Engadge sum it up nicely with this paragraph

“It’s not just about watching a movie together or linking an Oculus account to Facebook. It actually involves interacting with another person in a virtual space: chatting, laughing, drawing doodles, sharing photos and, […] taking virtual selfies with virtual selfie sticks”


Robs investment in Facebook

Due to the investment that Facebook are putting into VR, Robs has re-invested back in FB for the foreseeable future, unless there’s money to bank along the way 😉 It helped that they have also hired Regina Dugan (http://www.engadget.com/2013/05/29/motorolas-dennis-woodside-and-regina-dugan-live-from-d11/ ) from Google’s Advanced Technology, to lead a new team at the soon-to-be-built Building 8. Just what the former DARPA leader be doing there isn’t evident, but she tells Forbes that her group will rely on “ambitious R&D” to make “breakthrough” hardware that leans on Facebook’s technological skills. It’ll be in sync with the ambitious *10-year roadmap *Facebook unveiled at F8 on April 12th


Persistent ISIS

Twitter is struggling to keep ISIS accounts offline, Twitter deleted over 26,000 pro-ISIS accounts in March, but saw 21,000 accounts created that same month.


Robs Twitter shares

Sold my Twitter shares for £200 profit in 3 few days – because it hit the highest price in the last 30 days and likely to drop before it jumps up again (banking the profits)


Helping Graduates find their first job!

Linked-In has a new app that helps graduates find their first job. It’s on iOS and Android and tweaks the standard Linked-In proposition from those already employed, to those trying to get on the ladder in the first place.







Moving Stickers

Snapchat stickers can now be moved around within your videos, Engadet says that “once you’ve shot your video, you’ll be able to add some colorful emoji and pair them with specific parts of the recording. Snapchat will handle the rest, making the stickers move, rotate and change size”





Back-to-back Vines

On April 13th, Vine added a new way to watch Vine by playing back-to-back Vines, they said

“This update brings you a whole new way to watch Vine.

Our latest design introduces a “Watch” button that lets you kick back and see the story of a channel as Vines automatically play back to back.

People love to go through a channel or watch an account from start to finish. You can now do that with just the tap of a button, without having to manually scroll through individual posts. Check out Johnny McHone and Alona Forsythe for a couple examples.

When you’re on a user’s channel, you can tap “Posts” to choose how you want to view Vines: oldest to newest, newest to oldest, or by what’s popular. We recently introduced these options, and we recommend using them with this new viewing experience. Also, if you want to make a Vine loop as you’re watching, tap and hold it.

Get the update now on the App Store or Google Play.

– Vine”














A little bit of fun


Feedback about the show

Special thanks to the positive feedback from Codie Simmons for Tweeting “@devologyuk started listening to your podcasts day, good stuff, 8 episodes done. Keep it up!”

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Episode 28

Show Notes

Social Media News from 8m:20s – SUBSCRIBE THE PODCAST HERE

Social Scheduler

Instagram mobile app – push notifications – didn’t get very far, spent time on adding the ability to supply links for Facebook, principally so that Facebook events can be referenced in scheduled posts, but it works in multiple social platforms to link through / hyperlink to the original content, like Pinterest, LinkedIn and now Facebook.

Marketing Efforts

Videos on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Other Work


Now only news that affects you day-to-day


Facebook Messenger now makes it easier to share your Dropbox files, specifically photos, animated gifs and videos, on iOS and Android.

Stan Chudnovsky, head of product for Messenger said in a statement…

“We want people to communicate just the way they want to on Messenger, with everyone they care about,”

“Giving our users the ability to share their Dropbox videos and images in Messenger threads with just a few taps will help them bring more style and personality to those conversations.” 

How does it work?  Now, when you tap the More button in Messenger for iOS or Android, you’ll see Dropbox as an available source. With the Dropbox app installed on your phone, you can share any file in your Dropbox without having to leave the Messenger app.

Videos and images—including animated GIFs—will be displayed directly in your chats. For everything else, tapping Open will bring recipients to the Dropbox mobile app, where they can preview and save files. It’s a quick, simple way to share vacation snapshots, home movies, and laugh-worthy memes with any of the 900 million people using Messenger—whether they’re Facebook friends or not.




There’s a new tagging feature that must be used by anyone posting something tied to a marketer. The tag will alert the company being referenced so that they can view analytics, share and boost the post.

The original post from the “influencer” will get a “with” tag just like you see when you tag friends in updates.

Facebook is banning “overly promotional” content like “persistent watermarks” and pre-roll ads in any sponsored videos. It also won’t allow products, brands or sponsors to be used in profile pictures or cover photos. However, things like product placement and logos are allowed.

Facebook says that the features will soon extend to its live video push as well.


Facebook improved the ways that you discover live video

Yesterday, we announced new features for Facebook Live. We’re always working to improve Facebook Search to help you find out what the world is saying right now about the latest news and popular topics. So, we’ve updated Search with more ways to discover Live video.

Live Video in Trending Topics

It’s now easier to discover Live video in topics that are Trending on Facebook. If relevant Live video is available, it will be included in the Search results pages for these topics so you can get a direct, first-hand look at what’s happening.


You’ll also see a new indicator that lets you know when relevant Live video is available for a Trending topic.


Expect to find Live video in a small handful of Trending topics for now. As more people start creating and sharing Live video, we’re excited to see these perspectives make Trending topics an even better experience.

Video Search

Our team built a dedicated search experience for the new Live video destination that’s coming to Facebook’s mobile app. Here, you can easily find even more videos across Facebook—just type a few keywords into the search bar at the top of the screen to discover all sorts of videos about things that matter to you, from chefs sharing their recipes to scientists explaining their breakthroughs to comedians trying out new jokes.

As always, you can only see videos that have been shared with you.

These updates are another way Search connects you with the unique, authentic public stories and conversations happening on Facebook. We look forward to your feedback.



Facebook have made it easier to find your friends

Say Hello to Messenger Codes:

Find the 900 million people who use Messenger every month more easily thanks to Usernames, Links and Messenger Codes.

At Messenger, we always aim to make life simpler, fun and more delightful. Starting today we are taking another step forward in delivering a new solution to the more than 900 million people who use Messenger every month. Phone numbers aren’t necessary, and you don’t have to be friends on Facebook.

Since traditional phone books are almost obsolete, we’re making it easier for you to find the people (and businesses) that matter to you and be able to start conversations immediately with the launch of a simple set of tools that are built for the modern world – Messenger Codes, Messenger Usernames, and Messenger Links. We’re starting to roll these tools out today. Here’s how they work:

Messenger Codes are the best way to find people in Messenger, whether you’re standing side-by-side or looking at your computer screen. No matter where you are – online or at an event – all you have to do is scan a code someone shares with you, and then you can start that important conversation. No more back and forth with texts trying to make sure you have the right number saved and awkwardly asking people how to spell their names. Your settings tab in Messenger has your own Messenger Code displayed prominently to scan or share.

We also took special care to make Messenger Codes as beautifully designed as possible so you can use them everywhere – on business cards, online, or in-store and anywhere else you like.

Messenger Links and Usernames are your very own personalized links that you can share anywhere online – from your email signature to a website – so people can reach you quickly on Messenger. You can send your Messenger Link directly to your contacts or friends. Tap or click any Messenger Link to open Messenger directly to a thread with that person or business. We are all unique human beings but sometimes we share the same name! This can make it hard to know you are contacting the right person when searching for them in Messenger. Now, it’s simple to find someone by their very own unique username. You can find and share your username from your Settings tab.

When people connect, powerful things happen and life just gets better …. from an exchange with an old friend that brings a smile to your face or a new contact that changes your life path, or even the world, these new tools will make it easier for you to be even more connected. We also can’t wait to see how businesses embrace these new tools too: http://bit.ly/1NaDWcs.




According to Engadget, Facebook pays news outlets to use its live video service

It’s giving the NYT, Huffington Post and other sites a financial incentive to start streaming.


Facebook videos now has now features that enables viewers of a live stream to click on a range of new “reactions” – emojis for Like, Love, Wow etc.  The author will be able to add filters to the video, like monochrome or sepia tones.

“We’re entering this new golden age of video,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg told BuzzFeed. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you fast-forward five years and most of the content that people see on Facebook and are sharing on a day-to-day basis is video.”

Facebook teased an upcoming feature that will let you doodle on your live videos.

Pasted Graphic 1.tiff



What’s app now has end-to-end encryption on every device and for every message, whether it’s voice, text, photo, video, group or one-on-one



Enabling Self Expression with Facebook’s Profile Expression Kit

With more than 4.5 billion views and nearly 30 million profile picture updates every day, Facebook profiles have become the best place to curate your own identity and learn about others. Last September, we launched profile videos to give people a new way to bring their profiles to life. We were blown away by the positive response of profile videos and the variety of creative ways people used them to show off their personality. Today, we’re further unlocking this creativity and lowering the barrier to expression by releasing the Facebook Profile Expression Kit.


The Facebook Profile Expression Kit lets people share videos they make in third-party apps directly into the Facebook profile video flow. The SDK is available now to a select group of beta partners for the iOS versions of their apps: MSQRD, Boomerang from Instagram, lollicam, BeautyPlus, Cinemagraph Pro from Flixel, and Vine. Consumers can now use these apps to create fun and personality-infused profile videos with just a few taps. Developers enjoy attribution within News Feed every time someone uploads a profile video created by their app.


If you have or are building a video app that can help more than 1.5 billion people better express themselves, you can learn more about the SDK here and apply for consideration as we expand access to additional developers.


It’s apparent that Facebook are heavily investing in AR, VR and 360 degree video, during their F8 developer conference they demonstrated their open-source 360-degree camera designs which will be available from Github!


Facebook plan to put augmented reality in your glasses


During Mark Zuckerbergs keynote he mentioned that while his first steps were saved in a physical baby book, his children might be sharing their kid’s first steps via VR with friends and family.  He noted that it’s “going to take a long time to make this work.”


Facebook lets you share quoted text with a tool that will help you easily share quotes from an article. Rather than having to copy and paste a snippet of text across apps, you’ll be able to simply highlight the words you want to share and post them to Facebook with a click. In the News Feed, the post will appear as a block quote with a link to the original URL or source.


Other items from F8, on-going…

Facebook’s Account Kit signs you in with a phone number


Facebook to allow Live Video streaming from any device


F8 conference is running live now – http://www.engadget.com/2016/04/12/watch-the-f8-keynote-right-here/

Rob just bought some shares back in FB – I’m getting good vibes 😉


Twitter has two new board members, Peter Currie and Peter Chernin will step down after the annual meeting, to be replaced by Pepsi exec Hugh Johnston and UK entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox.


Twitter ads a direct-message sharing button to iOS and Android, this enables you to quickly share a tweet with one of your <followers?> privately.

“…we’ve also heard from many of you that it could be easier to share a Tweet using Direct Message. So now — in just a few taps — you can share unique Twitter content from your timeline right into your private conversation.

This update is our next step towards making conversations richer in Direct Messages. Over time, we’ve added more ways to express yourself using GIFs, emojis, or realllllllyyyyy long private messages, helped you connect with a group of people, and made it easy to get customer service.”



Rob bought some shares in Twitter! Why?  It has been loosing value over the year, but I feel that we are at the bottom, given that this week it dipped to 16.22 USD per share, then bounced back to a support of 16.50 USD, what with the latest features and board changes, I’m hoping that confidence will grow and then the stock price will slowly increase.  Unlike Facebook it doesn’t need to go up much to make a lot of money!  If it returns back to the price it was at the beginning of the year then I could gain 300%, I’d be happy with 100% gain.


Pasted Graphic 2.tiff


Pasted Graphic 4.tiff






Periscope will now let you draw on your lifestream, so that you can point things out whilst you are broadcasting!  The scribbles only last a few seconds, so it’s great for temporarily highlighting things and then carrying on with your stream.  This feature should be available in a few weeks.

Pasted Graphic.tiff










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Improved posting to Facebook with Social Scheduler

We have made some improvements to how posts to Facebook are handled, specifically links to external sites and Facebook events look great, also you can now upload photos without it clogging up your Facebook photo albums.

Link to external websites and events

Prior to April 11th 2016, whenever you scheduled a Facebook message that included an external link to another site (hyperlink), or Facebook event, it would appear like this

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 16.04.12

Now it will look like this, unless of course it’s a secret group that you don’t have permission to see.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 16.19.35

All you need to do is add the external website URL / hyperlink (in my case the Facebook Event URL) in the advanced section…

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 16.21.46

Prevent adding photos to your album

Prior to April 11th 2016, whenever you scheduled a post targeted to Facebook with a photo, it would be uploaded to your Facebook photo album with a comment, it would then be added to your timeline as an update.

This was okay if you wanted to create a photo in your album, but now you don’t have to.  Imagine if you decide to repeat a message with the same photo daily or weekly, the same photo would be duplicated in your library.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 15.53.39
Photos used to ALWAYS be uploaded to your Facebook album first

There’s a better way, simply include a URL in the ‘Advanced’ section and then the photo is no longer uploaded to your album.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 15.59.51

Hey – I want photos added to my album

That’s okay – simply schedule your post, drag and drop your image to the drop-zone and then leave the ‘Image URL’ and ‘Website URL’ fields empty, we then assume you want to upload your photo the old way – using your Facebook album.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 16.26.30

What if I want different settings for Pinterest and LinkedIn than Facebook?

If you plan to upload to multiple social networks (that is LinkedIn or Pinterest), then you’ll probably want to specify the Website URL for those, but not Facebook?  That’s okay, create your message with your LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts selected, save the message, then you can clone your message after posting to those networks, so you can select the Facebook account(s) their own.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 16.29.32

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 16.29.38


LTV Conf – Life Time Value Conference

I needed to share this for my digital product business friends out there, especially because there’s a genuinely useful time-sensitive offer to claim!

This morning I received an email from Jon Markwell who I have personally talkeScreen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.50.04d to numerous times at Open Coffee Sussex, he’s a successful and savvy business person behind The Skiff coworking community, Brighton Dynamic digital product business community and Open Coffee Sussex monthly meetup.

Life Time Value ConferenceWhen I received his email about a new conference for SaaS / digital product businesses, created by him, I signed up immediately.  TLDR: “If you have a digital product business and want to find new ways to sustain double digit growth, or you’ve not yet shipped your digital product yet you’ll learn how to sustainably make money while you sleep without leaving Brighton.“.

Of course, I’ve signed up to the super-early bird (33% discount) to Jon Markwells LTV conf.  Maybe I’ll meet you there?

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Instagram Scheduling – Android beta-test available!

You can now schedule Instagram posts with Social Scheduler!

Do you get frustrated when your editorial calendar includes photos that you can’t schedule to Instagram (because Instagram encourages you to ‘live in the moment’)?

As of today our Social Scheduler web-application has a companion mobile-app for Android that enables you to send previously scheduled messages to Instagram!  An iOS version is also available.


If you would like to help us beta-test on Android, download the Beta-test version from Google Play, or type this short URL in your browser on your Android device http://bit.ly/betassandroid


If you would like to test on iOS then you’ll need to email us at info@devology.co.uk so that we can invite you to the Apple beta-test system (called TestFlight).

How to provide feedback

Please submit all issues encountered (if any!) to info@devology.co.uk – you’ll even find a convenient button within the ‘Beta Test’ tab within the app.

Current Known Issues

You can’t schedule directly from the mobile device – you must use the Social Scheduler web-application.

As of the 3rd April 2016 we do not have push-notifications (to notify you that a message is pending being sent to Instagram), to work-around this you simply load the app periodically through the day to see whether any messages are pending in the queue.

The mobile app isn’t written to take advantage of tablets yet (iPad / Android tablets).

Application Android Feature

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Episode 26 Facebook shares SOLD! | Startup & Marketing Podcast


JUMP AHEAD ? – Social Media News: 3m 50s

Within this episode we discuss the following:

Product Updates – Social Scheduler

Instagram mobile app – Android? – Yes and no – it works, but the imagery (icons) appear too big.  I think that it’s because I haven’t put density-specific images in the right folders and it’s just using the largest image without autoscaling it down to the correct device density.



After Pakistans bombing that killed 65 and injured 280 others, Facebook activated its Safety Check tool.  Safety Check automatically sends Facebook users in an affected area a note asking if they’re safe. When a user clicks on “yes, let my friends know,” the tool notifies their Facebook friends.  However, something didn’t work so well, because users thousands of miles away also received the notification.

Facebook issued an apology to affected users, after resolving the issue.  They said ”We activated Safety Check today in Lahore, Pakistan, after a bombing that took place there”  …  “Unfortunately, many people not affected by the crisis received a notification asking if they were okay. We worked to resolve the issue and we apologize to anyone who mistakenly received the notification.”

Facebook also activated the tool after terrorist bombings struck the airport and subway in Brussels, Belgium.

Pasted Graphic.tiff

Pasted Graphic 1.tiff


Facebook is testing a feature that lets you know when someone is trying to imitate you with a ‘impersonation alert’ system that detects when another user is impersonating your account by using your name and profile photo, in this scenario it will send an alert notifying you about the profile. You’ll then be prompted to identify if the profile in question is impersonating you by using your personal information, or if it belongs to someone else who is not impersonating you.




Instagram have added a notification tab to its web interface, this tab lists new followers, likes and users you might know through Facebook.  The activity tab on mobile shows ‘You’ and ‘Following’ but on the web interface only ‘You’ is shown.


Do you like celeb gossip? Then perhaps you will like E! – it can be your source for news about on Facebook about which celeb is making out with another, or who is hanging out with another famous person’s kids.   Live From E! is the network’s stab at bringing gossip and entertainment news to the world’s largest social network with a daily newscast. Each episode will be between 15 – 20 minutes long and they’ll be shot entirely with an iPhone 6s Plus.



Robs Facebook shares – up 10.76% – I just sold them with a gain of £1,000.  I had previously sold all my other shares so it’s all sitting in in cash until I feel confident to re-invest in my SIPP.  I’m tempted to wait for any fall in Facebook then but them all back!

Pasted Graphic 7.tiff

Back in episode 22 we said that Whats’app would be stopping support for Blackberry, but now Facebook are stopping support for the BlackBerry OS, including BB10, by the end of 2016.

Facebook decided to “discontinue support of their essential APIs for BlackBerry.”.  Blackberry tried to change Facebooks mind, but it sounds like Facebook are certain about it.




Facebook is apparently preparing to offer its chat app as another way to pay for goods, thanks to a feature for in-store purchases.



Donald Trump and Ted Cruz having a spat on Twitter proves to be pretty entertaining…

Pasted Graphic 3.tiff

Pasted Graphic 5.tiff

Twitter is testing stickers that you can add to your photos.  Stickers are still in a testing phase, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll ever roll-out to everyone…




Microsoft’s researchers created a sort of teen chatbot, Tay.ai “by mining relevant public data and by using AI and editorial” that was developed by a staff “including improvisational comedians.”.  She was considered as an ‘innocent teen’ until she started listening to what people had to say on Twitter.

As the Telegraph reports, she managed, in a single tweet, to blame President Bush for 9/11, use racist language in praising Hitler over President Obama and contend that “donald trump is the only hope we’ve got.”


“I f***ing hate feminists and they should all die and burn in hell.”



Microsoft said

“Unfortunately, within the first 24 hours of coming online, we became aware of a coordinated effort by some users to abuse Tay’s commenting skills to have Tay respond in inappropriate ways,” the spokeswoman said. “As a result, we have taken Tay offline and are making adjustments.”

Pasted Graphic 6.tiff


A man from London (UK) who tweeted about accosting a Muslim woman in the street regarding this week’s terror attacks in Belgium has been arrested, the BBC reported Thursday.  The tweet, which went viral, read: “I confronted a Muslim woman yesterday in Croydon. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said ‘Nothing to do with me’. A mealy mouthed reply.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “A 46-year-old man was arrested at his home address in Croydon on Wednesday, 23 March on suspicion of inciting racial hatred on social media. He was taken to a south London police station.”

The arrested man’s tweet quickly went viral, spawning dozens of parodies that riffed on subjects as diverse as Donald Trump and brussels sprouts.  One example: Telegraph reviews critic Robbie Collin tweeted: “I confronted a man who was eating a bowl of muesli yesterday in Croydon. He said “mmfflfffmufflrgh”. A mealy mouthed reply.”





It’s probably no surprise, but YouTube is angling itself to become a live video stream provider, by creating a Periscope-like app called ‘YouTube connect’.  You can login with a Google or YouTube account and included with the live streaming is a built-in news feed, chat and tagging


YouTubes iPad app is getting a split view and slide-over feature (both iOS 9 features), split-view lets you jump into other apps temporarily, whilst slide-over lets you run two side by side.




Snapchat buys BitStrips the Toronto company founded in 2007, they are behind those cartoon emoji that look like you (known as Bitmojis), according to Fortune.com in the region of $100 million!!  The deal reportedly is a mix of cash and stock.  Interestingly Bitstrips has already raised around $11 million in venture capital funding.










Tumblr: “Holy moly, replies are back

Your familiar friend for talking about posts is rolling out over the next few days, and it’s learned a ton since it’s been away. Now replies let you:

Reply multiple times to a post.

Reply to your own posts. 

See all of a post’s replies in one place.

Decide who can and can’t reply to you. (It’s in your blog settings.)

All that adds up to being able to talk about a post, right inside of a post, even as it travels from Tumblr to Tumblr. So, starting with posts created today, you’ll see a new notes view to help you follow that conversation. Looook:

If you’ve been waiting for this, thanks for your patience. If you’re new to replies, come discover their unique flavor. Spicier than a like, sweeter than a reblog, served on a big family-style platter. All part of a balanced diet. Have fun replying, Tumblr.

Want more details? You can get the nitty-gritty on replies and notes over in our help docs.”

Pasted Graphic 2.tiff


Yahoo is having a tough time, after an activist investor ( Starboard Value LP ) has said he wants all of the current Yahoo directors to be replaced!






The free internet services are accidentally opened the door to illegal file sharing in Angola.  Angolans have created ad hoc piracy networks by hiding files in Wikipedia pages (which they can access through Wikipedia Zero) and sharing links to them in private Facebook groups (available in Facebook’s Free Basics)


According to CNET, a new study from the University of Pittsburgh looked at the use of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine and LinkedIn by examining 1,787 adults between the ages of 19 and 32 and they concluded

Heavy users of social media are 1.7 to 2.7 times more likely to suffer from depression, than those of who check less frequently (reported as both 1.7 and 2.7).

Average social media use was 61 minutes per day

Average number of visits to a social media site was 30 a week.

Lead researcher Lui yi Lin said even though the link between one factor and the other seems strong, the deep truth behind the link may be complex. “It may be that people who already are depressed are turning to social media to fill a void,” she said on the University’s Web site. There’s also the possibility, she added, that social media might cause depression, which then causes more social media use.

Dr. Brian Primack, director of Pitt’s Center for Research on Media, Technology and Health insisted that not all social media interaction or usage is the same, he said “Future studies should examine whether there may be different risks for depression depending on whether the social media interactions people have tend to be more active vs. passive or whether they tend to be more confrontational vs. supportive”


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